develop essential skills, through the eyes of black and brown learners

Frustrated by the lack of educational toys that reflect children of color? You know that representation matters and want your child to learn from products that resonate with them.

If so….you’re, in the right place.

Introducing: ABSee Me - Educational toys featuring brown girls and boys!

ABSee Me is an educational platform that fosters early learning and promotes diversity through play. We are fully committed to supporting young learners by producing educational toys that make learning fun and relatable.

Minorities now make up more than 50% of children in the United States. The toys available for them to play with and learn from ought to reflect that.

At ABSee Me, we strive to create educational resources that value the cultural identities of black and brown children, highlight diversity in a positive way for all young learners, and empower caregivers to play an active role in their child’s early development.

I'm the founder, christina spencer

I’ve spent over 10 years ensuring quality education as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology and my master’s degree in Early Childhood Education after deciding to follow in my father’s footsteps and pursue a career in education.

As a Black educator who has taught in the United States and internationally, I know how challenging it is to find learning resources that showcase children of color.

I also know that children learn best from materials and content they can relate to, so I worked tirelessly as an educator to design curriculum and activities in a way I could reach my students and relate to their unique backgrounds. In 2021, I decided to leave my position as a curriculum specialist and use my expertise to design educational toys.

Each toy I create directly aligns with specific developmental skills or learning standards that will help children build a solid foundation for learning. Most importantly, my exclusive designs allow black and brown children to feel represented in space where they are often forgotten.

My goal for ABSee Me is to be a platform where learning is fun, relevant, and relatable.

our mission

“To stimulate the development and education of young learners through play. Our products are specifically designed to celebrate diversity and support children in building a positive cultural identity.”