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Representation in Education Matters

Here's What Educators Say About Our Culturally Responsive Teaching Materials...

"My preschoolers and I are obsessed over these 2-piece, self-correcting [Shape Pals] puzzles by ABSee Me. They are well-made, fun, educational and the illustrations look like the adorable preschoolers in my program." - Pam G.

"I am an educator and my students love [the 3-Letter Word Puzzles]! I love it because readers and non-readers can do it. I love the quality, clear images, and having literacy that represents the children that I teach." - Leora C.

"The cards are large and easy to read. As soon as I hung them up my students started saying 'Hey look, those look just like my hands!' I love having a resource in my classroom that reflect my students and that they can connect with on a personal level." - Stephanie J.