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Creating Educational Equity: Meeting the Needs of All Learners

As a former educator, I understand the difficulty of finding educational materials that resonate with culturally diverse learners.

Despite children of color making up over 50% of the U.S. child population, teachers and caregivers are still saying,

"It's hard finding materials and curriculum that my children can relate to." - One of our customers.

Statistics also reveal that only 15% of Black 4th graders are proficient in math, and 17% in reading, emphasizing the need for meaningful early learning experiences that engage and connect with children of color, fostering their educational success.

"I love the representation... Perfect for homeschool environments to the classroom. We need more learning tools that represent our people and our culture. Thank you for making a wonderful product."

"I purchased every single item...I hope that other brown children get to see themselves in ways previous generations could only imagine... Thank you so much for creating educational materials that my children can appreciate."

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