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We Are Family - Memory Matching Game

Type: Games

Celebrating Brown and Black Families


Engage in Educational Fun

Test memory skills with our classic matching game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Flip over the cards to make a match and collect the most pairs to win the game! The We Are Family - Memory Matching Game includes 18 matching pairs that feature all types of beautiful Black and Brown families. This skill-building memory game can be enjoyed solo or with up to 4 players to develop concentration, focus, and problem-solving skills.

Perfect First Game for Kids

Our memory card game is an ideal introductory game for young children. Its adaptability allows for a customized experience, catering to their skill level. With the option to play with 4 to 18 pairs, kids can start with a simpler version and gradually increase the challenge as they grow.

Culturally Responsive Activity

We understand the importance of kids seeing families that look like theirs. This concentration game features a diverse range of Brown and Black families, allowing children of color to identify and connect with positive imagery. By embracing diversity, we create an inclusive environment that nurtures empathy, pride, and understanding.

Ideal for Home and School Fun

Whether you're a parent or an educator, our memory game is an excellent addition to your resources. Use it as a teaching aid to discuss diversity, inclusivity, and different family structures. Strengthen bonds during family game night or incorporate it into lesson plans to spark important conversations about representation and equality.


Discover the joy of play and the power of representation with our We Are Family - Memory Matching Game!





How to Play

Lay cards in a grid shape with the image side down. The first player will turn over two cards in attempt to make a match. If the pictures match, the player will keep the pair and turn over two new cards. If the pictures do not match, the player will return the cards with the image side down, and the next player will begin their turn. The game continues until all cards have been paired (matches have been made). The player with the most pairs wins!


  • Ages 3+
  • Perfect first game for young learners
  • Easy adaptable - Can be played with 8 to 18 pairs
  • Includes 18 matching pairs (36 total pieces)
  • Cards: 2.25 x 2.25 inches / 5.7 x 5.7 centimeters
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Extra thick for durability
  • Sharpens attention and memory
  • Learning Guide included

Customer Reviews

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We Are Family - Memory Matching Game

Simply beautiful!

Me and my kids absolutely love this memory game! My kids even said, that looks like us! Thank you AB See Me for making such a beautiful game for our babies!