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3-Letter CVC Word Puzzles

Type: Puzzles

Making phonics /f/-/u/-/n/!


15 Reversible CVC Word Puzzles

With 15 puzzles measuring 4 x 4 inches each, this phonemic awareness activity offers young learners an abundance of quality practice in decoding and spelling simple words associated with primary letter sounds. There are 3 puzzles dedicated to each vowel sound and all but one letter of the alphabet used, further reinforcing essential phonics skills. 

Differentiated Literacy Activity

This differentiated literacy activity allows kids to read CVC words on the front side of the puzzles or flip them over to identify the sounds of the CVC word illustrated on the back. From wig and vet to fox and bus, our 3-piece reading puzzles are the perfect tool to help kindergarteners and first graders develop phonemic awareness and phonics skills through play!

Develop Phonics and Reading Skills

These puzzles are specifically designed to support letter phonics and phonological awareness activities, helping kindergarten and first grade children recognize and blend the sounds in words. By focusing on three-letter CVC words, children can grasp the fundamental building blocks of reading and spelling.

Literacy Centers and Small Group Intervention

These CVC kindergarten words puzzles are perfect for literacy centers and small group intervention settings. They can be used in classrooms to provide focused phonics practice or in small group sessions to support targeted learning. 

Culturally Responsive

Our multicultural puzzles promote diversity and have been carefully designed to showcase people of color. This promotes cultural awareness and appreciation among children, fosters pride, understanding, and engagement, and helps teachers create an inclusive classroom environment.






  • Ages 4+
  • Grade Level: kindergarten, first grade
  • Includes 15 double-sided puzzles (45 total pieces)
  • Finished Size: 4 x 4 inches / 10.16 x 10.16 centimeters
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Promotes cognitive, fine motor, problem-solving, social, and language skills
  • Develops phonics and phonemic awareness skills
  • Learning Guide included

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amelia Sherwood
Beautiful early phonetic puzzle!

This puzzle has been a fan favorite in the classroom lately. I appreciate that they are two-sided so if children aren’t familiar with letters, they can still be successful and proud to put a puzzle together.

Lenore Guthrie
Great Learning Tool

We have not truly begun to use this learning tool with my granddaughter. We will start shortly. However, we did review the booklet and the contents and coming from a family well versed in English, communications, reading, and comprehension, I believe this tool will be of great benefit for my grandchild.

Anna Tewell
Perfect for Literacy Stations

My kiddos loved these new CVC puzzles. They have great words and pictures that are different than a lot of our typical materials from our reading curriculum. Will definitely be purchasing more materials!

Andrea S,
Wonderful product!!

My son likes tracing letters and numbers on the cards! What a great educational tool!

Audrey Z
Limitless fun

My almost 4 year old loves these puzzles. From the full graphics on the back to the letters with accompanying photos on the other side, he loves assembling each puzzle. He even cracks himself up by trying to mix and match. And I love interacting with him and talking through the creative words and pictures. They’re great learning moments for him, and because they’re so well made, I know we’ll be able to use these with him and his younger brother for years to come.