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Money Puzzles

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Where Counting Coins Makes 'Cents'


Build Money Fluency with Self-Correcting Math Puzzles

Enhance your second grade math curriculum with ABSee Me's reversible Money Puzzles – a groundbreaking 2-in-1 learning tool crafted to master coin recognition and counting coins up to $1.00. Each puzzle, measuring 4 x 4 inches, consists of three pieces for kids to explore and create coin values.

Double-Sided Money and Coin Counting Activities

Aligned with second grade math standards, these puzzles offer a comprehensive approach to financial literacy, covering math skills and counting fluency. Featuring three interlocking pieces, the front side of each puzzle showcases a coin collection, the equivalent amount using the fewest coins, and the coin values in both dollars and cents.

Includes Play Money for Hands-On Practice

Elevate the learning experience with the reverse side of our versatile puzzles, showcasing a city bus and its corresponding fare, establishing a concrete real-world connection. Equipped with the play money provided, students can be challenged to show the minimum number of coins that make a given value listed on the puzzle. Validating their solutions is made seamless by flipping back to the front side, fostering an environment of self-guided learning that encourages autonomy and mastery.

Key Features:

  • 3-Piece Puzzles: Encourage hands-on, interactive play for a deeper understanding of money.
  • Coin Equivalency and Value Focus: Reinforce counting skills and promote efficient coin use for value representation.
  • Reversible Design: Match coin collections and values on the front side or flip to reveal an image of a city bus where learners must make the value shown using the play money provided – an opportunity for practical application.
  • Culturally Responsive: Features culturally relevant contexts, like MTA or COTA buses, that many children take daily. Our puzzles develop real-life math competence equitably through diverse frames of reference.
  • Play Money Set Included: Enhance the experience with plastic play money for interactive, hands-on math practice.

Create Dynamic Math Centers and Small Group Activities

Our coin puzzles are a crucial addition to enrich any second grade math curriculum in your classroom and homeschool. Perfect for small group learning, math centers, or intervention activities, these puzzles captivate learners, making abstract concepts tangible and relatable.

Included in Our Grade-Level Bundle: The 2nd Grade Set

ABSee Me, a leader in culturally responsive early childhood teaching materials, proudly introduces Money Puzzles as part of our 2nd Grade Set bundle. Make financial literacy an exciting journey for your students by incorporating these interactive money puzzles into your classroom or homeschool today!


Elevate your instruction with our Money Puzzles – where math education, coin recognition, and counting money meet cultural relevance. 






  • Ages 6+
  • Grade Level: second grade
  • Includes 15 double-sided puzzles (45 total pieces)
  • Finished Size: 4 x 4 inches / 10.16 x 10.16 centimeters
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Promotes cognitive, fine motor, problem-solving, social, and language skills
  • Develops coin recognition and coin counting skills
  • Learning Guide included

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