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Cookin' Up Addition Card Game

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Master Addition Facts to 20


Gain Math Fact Fluency Through Second Grade Addition Strategies

Revolutionize addition math fact fluency with our Cookin’ Up Addition Game – an engaging card game crafted to empower kids with addition facts up to 20. Played like your traditional game of War, players simultaneously flip cards, and the highest sum claims all. What sets this game apart is its color-coded addition fact strategies, like doubles, adding a zero, or making a ten, encouraging mental math addition strategies over mere memorization.

Engaging Addition Fact Strategy Games

As cards are flipped, players strive to accumulate them all, providing diverse practice with 96 unique addition fact cards. Tailor your gameplay by removing specific addition math fact strategies from the deck, targeting focused learning.

Culturally Relevant Math Activities

Immerse learners in a vibrant cookout theme, fostering cultural relevance and joy for children of color. Our fun math fact games not only impart mathematical skills but also celebrate Black culture, making learning an enjoyable and culturally rich experience.

Key Features:

  • Color-Coded Mental Math Strategies: Foster mental math skills with strategic color-coding.
  • Customizable Learning: Tailor gameplay for targeted learning by removing specific strategy cards to work towards addition fact mastery.
  • Cultural Connection: Cookout theme for relatable and enjoyable learning experiences.
  • Abundant Practice: 96 different fact cards for extensive math fact fluency practice.

Perfect for Small Groups and Math Centers – Master 2nd Grade Standards

Our no prep addition games seamlessly integrate into various teaching strategies, making them the perfect addition games for the classroom in small group learning activities and math centers.

Family Game Night Must-Haves

Liven up your family game nights with our addition facts to 20 games, a delightful blend of fun and education. Celebrate Black culture while reinforcing math skills in an interactive and enjoyable setting with this fun Black culture game for kids.

Included in our 2nd Grade Bundle

ABSee Me, a leader in culturally responsive teaching materials for early childhood, proudly presents Cookin’ Up Addition Game as part of our 2nd Grade Set bundle. Make math an exciting journey for your learner by incorporating this game into your classroom or home today!






  • Ages 5+
  • Grade Level: first grade, second grade, third grade
  • Includes 96 number cards / 4 bonus cards
  • Finished Size: 3.5 x 2.25 inches / 8.9 x 5.7 centimeters
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Develops addition fact fluency
  • Learning Guide included

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