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6 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Young Learners

6 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Young Learners

6 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month with Young Learners

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Black History Month is just few days away...a period when we recognize the achievements and culture of Black people throughout history. Although exploring Black history should not be limited to just the 28 days of February, it is a great time for all of us to stop and appreciate the contributions of Black people in the U.S. and around the world. There are many ways to do this, both big and small. In this blog post, we will share 6 fun activities that you can do with young learners to celebrate Black History Month!


1. Read Books by Black Authors

One great way to celebrate Black History Month with kids is to read books by Black authors. There are many talented and inspiring Black authors out there, and reading their stories can help kids learn more about the African American experience or simply enjoy a cute story. Some great picture books to check out include Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, Bunheads by the prima ballerina, Misty Copeland, The Other Side by Jacqueline Woodson, and The King of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes.


2. Celebrate Black Inventors

Another way to celebrate Black History Month with young learners is to study and commemorate black inventors. From Garrett Morgan (the inventor of the traffic light) to Dr. Patricia Bath (inventor of the laser cataract surgery), there are many Black inventors who have made significant contributions to society. Learn more about these innovators and their ingenuous inventions through books, on the internet, or with our Legendary Leaders - Black History Flashcards. Kids could then have an “Invention Day” where they get to create their own inventions to share and display!


3. Cook a Special Meal

Another enjoyable activity for kids to do during Black History Month is to cook recipes that feature the mouthwatering flavors of Southern African American cuisine. There are many delicious and interesting dishes to choose from, so get creative! You can find recipes online or in books like The African American Heritage Cookbook by Carolyn Quick Tillery. And don’t forget to get the kids involved in cooking - they will have a lot of fun helping you make dishes like Fried Green Tomatoes, Gumbo, or Sweet Potato Casserole. Yum!


4. Visit a Black History Museum or Historical Site

Visiting museums or historical sites can be a good way for kids to learn about history. There are many museums around the country that focus on Black history. Some great museums to check out include the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Alabama, and The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit. Don’t have any of these museums nearby? You can visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture's website to find free digital resources and online exhibitions that are great to explore with kids from the comfort of your own home or classroom!


5. Make a Donation to Charity

Charities play an important role in helping to improve the lives of people who are disadvantaged or have experienced injustice. There are many charities in the U.S. that focus on uplifting the Black community. Making a donation to one of these charities can be a great way for kids to help make a difference in the world and support important initiatives during Black History Month. Some great charities to check out include the United Negro College Fund, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the NAACP.


6. Learn About the Accomplishments of Black People Throughout History 

Our last way to celebrate Black History Month with kids is to educate them on the accomplishments of Black people throughout history. Our Legendary Leaders - Black History Flashcards teach children about some of the most influential leaders, past and present. Created by a teacher with young readers in mind, our flashcards are designed to promote reading, cognitive, and language skills. Our cards can even be used as a game where players try to guess the person based on their facts – the names are written upside down on the bottom of each card! Enjoy learning about Matthew Henson, Shirley Chisholm, Booker T. Washington, and more with our Legendary Leaders - Black History Flashcards. Only at www.ABSeeMe.com!




Black History Month (and the 11 other months of the year!) is a great time to educate young learners about the history, culture, and achievements of the Black community. This year, give your kiddo an opportunity to learn more by engaging in some of the activities above, and also be sure to download our Black History Month Activity Pack!

This free, Nelson Mandela-themed download includes:

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You can also still access our FREE MLK Day download with Martin Luther King-themed activities as well.





Happy Learning! And Happy Black History Month!


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